Endometriosis Outpatient Clinic

The HMTJ, as it is known, is a large teaching hospital located in the center of Juiz de Fora and operates through the Unified Health System – SUS. There we carry out serious work monthly with the support of highest standard multidisciplinary professionals.

All operating rooms have the latest technology and first-rate materials provided by our supporters. In this way we are able to maintain our standard and offer quality treatment to patients. Some of the services we offer are:

Laparoscopy: Chronic pelvic pain, pelvic adhesions, infertility, ovarian cysts and tumors, tubal ligation (after attending meetings at the family planning outpatient clinic), tubal recanalization, myomectomy, hysterectomy, colpopexy and deep endometriosis.

Hysteroscopy: Abnormal uterine bleeding, thickening endometriosis, infertility, polyps, submucosal fibroids, septa, uterine malformations, synechia, curettage, CAF and other post-procedures, in addition to IUD placement, removal and repositioning.

Appointment scheduling at : (32) 4009-2344

To ease and speed up the procedures we kindly request you to go to the outpatient clinic with the referral of your physician and with the preoperative exams.


Thaís Melchior, godmother of the 2020 campaign and other godmothers who have been with us.

Endometriosis is a silent disease that has been devastating to the female body and is becoming a public health issue in Brazil, with marked growth especially among younger women. As early diagnosis is still in low number, endometriosis destroys several organs until it is discovered.

According to gynecologist Claudio Crispi – Campaign Coordinator: due to the disease’s degree of destruction the most advanced countries in Europe and the United States already have permanent campaigns for physicians’ clarification and recycling to enable early diagnosis and halt the progress of the disease.

In Brazil due to lack of information and knowledge the disease has been detected up to 10 years after its appearance, which can mutilate women. One of the main consequences of Endometriosis is infertility. About 50% of infertility cases in women worldwide are caused by the disease, which affects 15% of the female population between 15 and 45 years of age.

The main symptoms of Endometriosis are severe menstrual cramps, bleeding in the urine or stools and severe pain during sex. To inform the population about the danger of Endometriosis and the need for early diagnosis, the Crispi Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery – a research and dissemination entity of the disease – carries out the Endometriosis 2020 Clarification Campaign, explains Professor Crispi.

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Concerned about the devastating effects of the disease, the Crispi Institute is at the forefront of one of the largest national campaigns for awareness of endometriosis.