About the Disease

Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) can be represented by several types of pain. In general, sufficiently intense to interfere with the patient’s usual activities.

It may be associated with urinary, anorectal and sexual complaints. In addition, the patient may report pain elsewhere, in the pelvis or away from the pelvis, leading to a wide variety of muscle and postural disorders.

In women with pelvic pain the prevalence of endometriosis can be between 40 and 70%. Other conditions can also lead to the onset of CPP, such as: adenomyosis, fibroids, pelvic adhesions, among other diseases present in the bladder, intestine, etc.

Therefore, patients with suspected chronic pelvic pain should be evaluated in a multidisciplinary way. Here at the Crispi Institute, in addition to surgical solutions for the treatment of diseases that lead to CPP, our patients also have the vast resources of pelvic physiotherapy, psychology and pain clinic.

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