About the Disease

Endometrial polyps are a very frequent disease in the female population and cause non-specific symptoms. In fact most polyps are asymptomatic. In postmenopausal women about 75% of the cases do not generate any symptom.

Endometrial polyps are benign tumors, which can become malignant (chances of 1 to 2%), originating from the endometrial tissue in the uterine cavity. According to the Crispi Treaty, they can manifest as excessive bleeding or in asymptomaticas cases, as an accidental finding in the ultrasound examination, which was done due to other indications.

In some cases, depending on the type and size, polyps can still make pregnancy difficult. Their prevalence in the female population is variable (7.8 to 25%); but common in patients at advanced age.

The diagnosis of polyps is through hysteroscopy: an examination of direct visualization of the neck and uterine cavity. Hysteroscopy has a modality called see and treat, very advantageous for patients because it allows not only diagnosis but also treatment.

The hysteroscopic technique used for the removal of polyps is the polypectomy, it can be done outpatiently or in the surgical center, with the use of forceps, scissors or energy medium.

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