About the course

The Crispi Institute innovates once again with the Course on Endometriosis of the Diaphragm, Pericardium and Thorax, in accordance with training trends in minimally invasive surgeries; with specialists in the field and a complete structure for training in CadaverLab. It aims to safely prepare surgeons for complex and challenging laparoscopic approaches.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at surgeons of the most diverse specialties: gynecologists, coloproctologists, general surgeons, oncologists and urologists. Professionals who have the desire to expand their anatomical knowledge and improve their surgical skills, using one of the most effective and safe training methods.


The course takes place at the Crispi Institute’s Minimally Invasive Surgery School, in partnership with the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences – Suprema, in the city of Juiz de Fora. A welcoming environment, where lavish nature and the highest technology come together to offer the student one of the most inspiring scenarios for teaching.

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Course Highlights


The fresh cadaver is one of the most complete and safe tools for training surgeons. Its preserved structures, in an excellent state of preservation, allow a thorough study of human anatomy, as well as the realistic simulation of surgical procedures ranging from minor to high complexity.

Improved learning curve

CadaverLab provides more speed and assertiveness in the learning curve, especially from a practical point of view. The method, which among its advantages allows the student to train damage control, can be enjoyed by those who have little or no previous experience in surgery.


The pioneerism in minimally invasive surgeries at Instituto Crispi was paramount for the creation of this course that aims to offer laparoscopic training in CadaverLab. Under the supervision of experts, this format allows the handling of real anatomical structures, without bringing risks to patients. The course’s main objectives are:

  • Knowing details of the liver, diaphragmatic, and thoracic anatomy;
  • Identifying the main diaphragmatic and thoracic anatomical structures in endometriosis surgery in this region;
  • Demonstrating how the systematization of diaphragmatic and thoracic endometriosis dissection should be done;
  • Recognizing when and how to use robotic surgery in diaphragmatic and thoracic endometriosis;
  • Understanding what the main complications related to diaphragm and chest endometriosis surgery are and how to resolve them.


With a program format to meet current needs, the course brings the expertise of big names to teach the theoretical and practical classes.


Meet the course coordinators:

Marco Aurelio Oliveira


Claudio Crispi



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  • Registration:
  • Registration fee (R$200,00)

+ Course on Endometriosis of the Diaphragm, Pericardium and Thorax (R$16.000,00) = R$ 16.200,00.

  • Registration:
  • Registration fee (R$200,00)

+ Course on Endometriosis of the Diaphragm, Pericardium and Thorax (R$15.000,00) + Course on Surgical Systematization and Anatomy of the Pelvis (R$15.000,00) = R$30.200,00

The student who wishes can pay the total investment in installments until the beginning of the course, due on the 10th of each month.

In case of withdrawal, the pre-registration fee will not be refunded, as well as 30% of the total course fee, being retained as payment for the internal administrative routines required for the course.