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More about the course

The Hands On Advanced Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Course carried out on fresh cadavers was carefully designed to offer the most updated information on surgical proceedures in the field of Structured Rhinoplasty.

The course aims to provide basic and advanced concepts, an up-to-date for both beginners and more experienced plastic surgeons who wish to improve their skills in Modern Rhinoplasty.

Our face-to-face course will be held in a high-tech laboratory, with dissection on 20 fresh specimens distributed to 20 students, that is, one specimen for each student.

The program will be carried out in two days of intense learning: theory and surgical practice, in a highly interactive environment, where we will discuss the correct plans for nose dissection, modern rhinoplasty tactics and techniques, emphasizing the performance of different classic osteotomies and ultrasonic (Piezo Ultrasonic Osteotome), in addition to the main complications during rhinoplasty and its intraoperative resolutions.

The course model will be replication (hands-on) with the instructor performing the maneuvers also reproduced by the students in real time, with the supervision of each step performed by the student, clarifying doubts and correcting technical errors. In the end, the student will have mastery of correct access to nasal structures, their treatments, performance of different osteotomies with safety, treatment of the dorsum, refinement of the nasal tip and resolution of the main intraoperative complications.

Who is the course for

The course is aimed at plastic surgeons and plastic surgery residents.


The course takes place at the Minimally Invasive Surgery School of the Crispi Institute, in partnership with the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences – Suprema, in the city of Juiz de Fora. A welcoming environment, where lavish nature and the latest technology come together to offer students one of the most inspiring scenarios for teaching.

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  • Course on fresh cadavers in Brazil, with specialists in Rhinoplasty.
  • Interactive course with one head per student, emphasizing the use of Piezo Ultrasonic to perform fractures.

Supervised Practices

  • Intense practical training, aimed at improving techniques (Hands-on).
  • Direct contact with experts (One-to-one)


  • Training of plastic surgeons in the techniques of Ultrasonic and Modern Structured Rhinoplasty.
  • Improvement of techniques, correct use of instruments for each surgical step and treatment of the main operative complications.


Tiago Lyrio

Plastic Surgeon


First Theoretical part

  • 1st. Inaugural Class: Welcome, general information about the activities and dynamics of the course and delivery of material.
  • 2nd. Class: Basic Anatomy Class
  • 3rd. Class: Review of Various Surgical Techniques
  • 4th. Class: Classic and Ultrasonic Nasal Fractures (Piezo)
  • 5th. Class: Transoperative complications – diagnosis and treatment

Second Practical part

  1. Marking
  2. infiltration
  3. Access routes
  4. Detachment on different planes
  5. Dorsum treatment
  6. Osteotomy with chisel and with Ultrasonic Osteotome (Piezo)
  7. Septal approach
  8. Preparation of septal grafts
  9. Structuring the nose
  10. Dorsum and tip refinement
  11. Simulation of complications, their approaches and solutions.
  12. Exposure of the osteocartilaginous framework for analysis of technical errors and their corrections.


  • Total
  • R$ 26.725,43

In case of withdrawal, the pre-registration fee will not be refunded, as well as 30% of the total cost of the course, being retained as payment for the internal administrative routines necessary to carry out the course.

Crispi Institute reserves the right to open classes only upon a minimum quorum of properly enrolled students, within 30 days before the start date. In case of insufficient quorum, students will be contacted by our team to decide whether they prefer to wait for a new class, be transferred to another course or receive a refund of the amounts paid.