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Theoretical-practical course bringing together the most renowned specialists in order to highlight the bases, justifications and technical knowledge in ablation.

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The course is aimed at Head and Neck Surgeons, Endocrinologists, Endocrine Surgeons, General Surgeons, General Surgery interns, Head and Neck, Endocrine Surgery and Endocrinology and Medical Students.


The course takes place at the Crispi Institute’s Minimally Invasive Surgery School, in partnership with the College of Medical and Health Sciences (Suprema), in the city of Juiz de Fora. A
welcoming environment, where lavish nature and technology merge to offer the student a highly inspiring learning scenarios.

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The fresh corpse is one of the safest and most complete tools for medical training. Its preserved structures, in excellent condition, allow a thorough study of human anatomy, as well as realistic
simulation of procedures.

Phantom Simulators + CadaverLab

Unprecedented in the world, the practice in models and corpses provides the course with the most realistic opportunity available for training in this new procedure.


  • To transmit the bases of minimally invasive therapies for thyroid nodules
  • To teach steps to perform the RFA
  • Model training and basic skills acquisition
  • Application of this knowledge to corpses


Leonardo Rangel



The course program is developed to meet current needs, bringing the expertise of leading
names to teach both the theory and the hands on classes.

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