• Date to be defined
  • Rio de Janeiro, RJ

You know those absurd cramps that make you super bad?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrases: “That’s mimimi…”, “it shouldn’t hurt like that…”, “that’s an excuse for not working…”


That’s why we created an event especially for you – girl power – who suffers with absurd pain and still keeps the ball rolling. For you, who face all the prejudices related to your pain and don’t let yourself be shaken by it (or sometimes you even get shaken, since nobody is made of iron).

Lectures with professionals in the fields of nutrition, gynecology, physiotherapy, psychology and even aesthetics will be present exclusively to answer questions that google does not know how to answer. But don’t forget that it won’t be an appointment, okay? In addition we will have debates, sweepstakes, booths of various wonderful brands and a lot of interaction with women who are in the same pickle as you. After all, here no one lets go of anyone’s hand! We will show everyone that our colic is relevant, and that it is not fuss.

Invite your BFF’s and don’t be left out.