About our physical space

We are the Crispi HLA Institute:formed by the union of two major health institutions – Crispi Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgeries and HLA Health Learning Academy. We aim to offer the most modern in truly practical training of health professionals. Our training complex works in partnership with the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences of Juiz de Fora – Suprema, a welcoming environment, where the lavish nature and the highest technology offer the student one of the most inspiring scenarios for teaching.

We have training stations ranging from Virtual Simulation to the Surgical Center:


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We have CadaverLab, one of the most complete and safe tools for the training of surgeons. With preserved structures in an excellent state of conservation, fresh cadavers allow an in-depth study of human anatomy, as well as realistic simulation of surgical procedures ranging from small to high complexity.

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Our institution makes specimens available for academic purposes in order to democratize access to studies on fresh cadavers and create a field for the development of research and new medical discoveries.

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We assure the origin, biological risk tests, transfer and disposal of the corpses that arrive from the United States to Brazil and are properly stored by specialized teams of tanatopraxia.

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Tissues can be ordered by age, gender and medical record, among other details. All imported tissues are tested for infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and only those with all negative tests are made available.

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We have an agreement with the largest American universities and we only import freshly-frozen cadavers with all the required documentation, according to all the rules approved for these procedures.

Why bring your course to our training center?

We have our own transportation by bus from the main airports in Rio de Janeiro, a partner hotel chain and customized options for daily lunches and commemorative dinners.

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