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There are many challenges regarding the practice of mastology, especially with regard to the acquisition of new skills, in a world with so many offers and innovations. In this scenario the Up to Date course in Mastology offers the opportunity of a three-day hands-on training in the diagnostic and treatment aspects of breast pathologies.

Who is the course aimed for?

Mastologists, Radiologists, Gynecologists, Oncology Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Imaging specialists and other physicians interested in breast knowledge.
Classes begin on: March 17, 2022
Workload: 22 hours (three days)


The course takes place at the Minimally Invasive Surgery School of the Crispi Institute, in partnership with the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences – Suprema, in the city of Juiz de Fora. A welcoming environment, where lavish nature and the latest technology come together to offer students one of the most inspiring scenarios for learning.

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A mainly practical course, with a large number of videos on surgeries and procedures.

Supervised Practices

Diagnostic and surgical procedures performed by the students themselves (hands-on in phanton, animal and cadaver parts, as well as participation in live surgeries).


  • Train the physician in micro invasive diagnostic procedures in breast and armpit.
  • Train the physician in the main breast surgical techniques, including partial and total breast reconstructions.


Maurício Resende


Carlos Ruiz


Mônica Travassos


Henrique Couto


  1. Theme 1: Videos showing procedures and breast surgeries.
  2. Theme2: Percutaneous procedures in breasts and armpits.
  3. Theme3: Surgeries on pigs, cadavers and live surgeries.


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In case of withdrawal, the pre-registration fee will not be refunded, as well as 30% of the total cost of the course, being retained as payment for the internal administrative routines necessary to carry out the course.

Crispi Institute reserves the right to open classes only upon a minimum quorum of properly enrolled students, within 30 days before the start date. In case of insufficient quorum, students will be contacted by our team to decide whether they prefer to wait for a new class, be transferred to another course or receive a refund of the amounts paid.